Why the NEW Akula Helicopter is the BEST Vehicle in GTA Online

Spawn Helicopter Gta V

Spawn Helicopter Gta V

Money and RP HACK

Why the NEW Akula Helicopter is the BEST Vehicle in GTA Online
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Location of helipad. After you buy the helicopter it takes a few minutes for it to show up, you will have an e-mail whenever its there.
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How to complete the GTA 5 Stock Car Races as well as unlock the Cheval Marshall

These are unlocked once you complete the Mr. Philips story mission with Trevor, after which you’ll receive a text from Ron telling you about the local stock car racing as well as a marker will toolear on the map. For the full low-down on the races as well as vehicles you’ll be able to make visit our GTA 5 Stock Car Races as well as Cheval Marshall unlock as well as location guide.
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