GTA online guides : How to fly the Buzzard like a pro

Spawn Buzzard Gta 5

Money and RP HACK

Spawn Buzzard Gta 5

In this video I once again, take you back to the combat school of flying! where Mr Rockittt teaches you the ways of the buzzard! You will learn whenever as well as where to use the ammunition, how to utilise the buzzards CEO ability deployment to its full extent as well as even how to avoid missiles!

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Video Rating: / 5

A short clip showcasing instances where the Buzzard Attack Chopper shines for CEO work.

A few extra cheats:

– Boat (0:04): make sure to not lose altitude too fast with you might drown; don’t bother with the enemy helicopter which may appear, just fly back to your warehouse as well as wait for it to approach, then take it down with the homing launcher/heavy sniper. Less risky which a dogfight over the sea.

– Gangs (0:44): you may shoot missiles as much as you need whenever the crate van is guarded by a gang, they won’t destroy it. Shoot from afar, you’ll need less missiles than if you have closer.

– Thieves (01:50): you may shoot in them whenever the crate markers are red but once they turn green (dropped by dead thieves) they may be destroyed, so be careful; note how I let the last thief go away from his dead buddies in 2:30 so which I don’t destroy the green crates.

– Moving vans (2:50): land in the middle of the street so which the van haves locked between the Buzzard’s tail as well as rocket pod; if you don’t do which, the van will bump you off as well as just drive away.

And yes, the crate van did survive in the end!

Video Rating: / 5